#Sales & Merchandising

Hong Kong Sales Team

Our experienced sales team at head office provides one to one optimization services to make smart business decisions.

From design concept services, supply chain, price negotiation to production planning. Our one stop service can cater to all your needs.

China Merchandising Team

Our merchandising team in Pre-production Office supports seamless workflow throughout the entire production process. We focus on the needs of individual customers to ensure utmost quality and development consistency.

Worldwide Customer

With a wide customer base from Mass Market to Fashion Retailer to Lingerie Specialist, we can accommodate the tailor-made order from 300 pieces/style to 3,000,000 pieces/style.

We responsible to deliver the right......

We work closely alongside our design team, keeping a close eye on market trends and customer product performance. We identify the upcoming must-have products in a collection to provide the best assortment to our clients. We drive for affordable smart designs.

Maintaining close communication with our sourcing department enables us to accurately forecast material choice for our customers. Production plans are shared with sourcing team to facilitate negotiation for best prices, offering compelling values to our customers. 

We convey clear customer requirements while identifying the sewing and technical risk before production to our sample room, resulting in high-quality samples. We also work closely with our merchandisers in China and our capacity planning team to ensure orders run smoothly and accurate production site allocations are made in advance. 

Before production, we collaborate closely with the IE team to review each sample to ensure operations are the most efficient without compromising on styling or design. Our experienced team also strategizes to identify the best production site for each product to strike the best balance between price and country of production. 

Our independent sustainability team is aligned with our customers’ requirements of brand protection and quality expectation by dedicating their efforts to achieve better performance in energy saving, higg index and working hours